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Shinichi Vietnam is a Japanese brand that specializes in displaying cream cakes, specializing in restaurants, hotels, bakeries, schools, supermarkets … Besides, we also meet The diverse needs of customers in terms of products to meet their needs.

Hong Hung, the main distributor of Shinichi ice cream display cabinets

In order to make it easy for consumers to choose genuine, suitable and good quality products, Hong Hung is the exclusive distributor of Shinichi Vietnam cream cake display cabinet, which best meets the diverse needs. This is accompanied by a friendly and enthusiastic consultation of the consultants, as well as timely support of technical issues so that they can be used in the best possible way. its business.

Introduce some types of display cabinets branded Shinichi

Vertical cabinet: There are two sizes to choose from: 1m2 and 1m5 cabinets, including 4 types: round, square, square, curved. Each type has different design, function, display and preserve cream cake better, suitable for store size.

Desktop Cabinets: Designed for small-scale stores, you can showcase your cake, as well as decorate your store more beautifully.

Wall cooler: can display cream cake. Also used to display fruit, fresh water.

Quality Policy

In order to bring the best quality cream cake display equipment and products, as well as to affirm the Shinichi Vietnam brand name in the market, Hong Hung Investment Import Export Trading Joint Stock Company commits to comply with the standards. Releases and Policies:


Must meet technical design requirements.
Must meet the art requirements.
Quality is stable.
Diverse to meet the needs of use.
Expand distribution network at home and abroad.
Good price

Price is always competitive
Warranty system, thorough maintenance and professional.

With the motto of operation: Fast – Prestige – Quality – Best price – Bring the best benefits to customers. We hope to bring satisfaction to all customers who are and will use our products and services.

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