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For cake shop, in addition to bakery items, cream cake display cabinets are indispensable items when not only help display cake, preserve fresh bread and use longer. In particular, the showcases display cream Shinichi Vietnam brand was selected and trusted for the benefits of quality products and services, practical.

With continuous efforts to become a trusted companion of customers in the process of using products and services of Shinichi Vietnam is always oriented to selling and providing after-sales service is responsible. most important. Of which, the following two main services are featured:

After-sales care and counseling

When customers trust and select the products of Shinichi Vietnam, you will feel secure, satisfied with the friendly advice, enthusiasm of the customer care department with the after-sales service:

Regular interaction with customers to receive relevant feedback, problems and complaints arising during the process of using and handling, timely support and root cause.
Monitor service quality and fulfillment of departmental commitments with clients;
Provide customers with the recommended information, advice appropriate to the environment using the product.
Update customer information on products, services that meet the needs and the latest incentive policies.
Merge the HelpDesk channel to monitor quality of technical response and verify workflow status.
Confidentiality of customer information.
Consulting and technical support

In order to ensure that our customers use Shinichi Vietnam products in the most effective and efficient manner, inquiries and requests as well as support and assistance in using the product, Desk – Technical support services urgent, inquiries, requirements of customers related to repair and maintenance will be served in the fastest time with the best quality, professional.

Closed-loop operation: When you have any queries, technical requirements, or technical issues, just contact the Help Desk. The Help Desk will receive information and response to the customer immediately and transfer this information to the Technical Department.
The Technical Department will contact the Customer directly for clarification as well as advice, providing the most accurate solution. After that, the Help Desk will contact the Customer again to identify the issues that have been resolved and the satisfaction and satisfaction of the Customer with the Company’s After Sales Service.
In addition to being a place to receive information, process information, and end the cycle when defining Customer Satisfaction, the Help Desk also stores all information related to repair, Machine maintenance helps to provide accurate information to customers about the history and operation of machinery.
Thank you for your trust and using our products !!!

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