1 / How to keep the cake is always fresh?

Answer: With natural temperature, keeping cream cake always in freshness is a difficult problem.

Usually cream cake will be used shortly after or shortly after completion. However, for bakeries, it is necessary to use specialized cabinets called cake cabinets.

The structure of the cabinet consists of two main parts are the frame and the whirl of the machine keep the temperature stable. Cake cabinet with interior design, eye-catching modern colors, toughened glass and especially diverse designs.

You can refer to some cabinets of the Shinichi brand to choose the most suitable cabinet.

2 / How dry cake or how to do?

Answer: In order to keep the cake for a long time, not to dry out the taste and taste of the cake, Shinichi has equipped our products with moisturizing technology to help balance the moisture, keeping the cake as delicious as new.

3 / Cream cake or steam room to do?

Answer: When the temperature outside the environment is higher than the inside temperature of the cabinet, mist appears on the outside of the glass, rendering the display impolite and obstructing the selection process.

Therefore, the brand of Shinichi ice cream dispenser has developed glass drying technology to help prevent condensation on the glass surface and enhance the aesthetics of the cabinet.

4 / Do you have more electricity?

Answer: Shinichi’s ice cream casserole is designed to be energy-saving, with Japanese technology for durability, noise-free and cost-effective use.

5 / Do chillers last long?

Answer: With fast cooling technology from Japan, Shinichi ice cream parlor is equipped with quick cooling system and maintain coolness to help preserve the cake longer and retain the maximum flavor of the product. Products.

6 / How to make display cabinets stable operation?

Answer: Stability is the word used to evaluate a cabinet that is durable, good and effective. If you want to use a stable cake display cabinet, in addition to choosing a good quality cabinet, what type of gas and installation of electricity is also important.

The initial quality of the cake display cabinet will determine the whole process of operation later. Want to know if the cabinets are good or not can you base on the origin, capacity and operation of the machine. Do not forget to thoroughly check the machine before buying.

7 / Showcase cream cake what kind?

Answer: There are many ways to sort showcases. The basic factors such as size, style, price … Before choosing to buy cabinets, do not skip to learn the latest design nhé!


Answer: If your ice cream showcase is in such locations as: wall cladding, near heaters or direct sunlight, you will probably spend a lot of electricity.
The principle of the cabinet is to create a cold air through the block cooling. In that process, the outdoor unit will blow out slightly to cool the machinery inside. Installing a cake cabinet at a cool place can cause the machine to overheat and lead to overload. When in operation, power doubles, power is consumed a lot.

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