Technical assistance


With continuous efforts to become a trusted companion of customers in the process of using products and services.

To meet the highest requirements of customers when using our products, always aiming to sell the goods and provide after-sales service is most responsible.

– Through the help desk Help Desk – Technical support urgent – all inquiries, requests of customers related to repair and maintenance will be served in the fastest time with the best quality, most professional.

– Closed-loop operation: If you have any questions, technical requirements, or technical issues, just contact the Help Desk. The Help Desk will receive information and response to the customer immediately and transfer this information to the Technical Department.
Technical Department will directly contact the customer to explain as well as consulting, providing the most accurate solution. The Help Desk will then contact the Customer to identify the issues that have been resolved and the satisfaction and satisfaction of the Customer with the Company’s After Sales Service.

In addition to being a place to receive information, process information and just finish the cycle when the customer is satisfied, the Help Desk also stores all information related to the repair. Machine maintenance helps to provide accurate information to customers about the history of machinery operation.

* When requesting after sales service, please contact us by the following numbers:

HOTLINE: (028) 39 20 90 77

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