Tủ trưng bày bánh kem SH-750V-B



Fresh cream cakes are one of the instant foods. Therefore, food safety and hygiene at the place of sale and each product must be the top concern. Each store tries to create a clean image for buyers peace of mind.

Cake in glass or plastic cup, uniformed staff neatly and always use tools to grab bread. Each cake is delivered to the checkout counter. Some bakeries also use glass doors, air conditioning to make the cake safer during the sale.

Tủ trưng bày bánh kem SH-760V-B

In order to reduce the investment cost, for the first time, the Shinichi brand has launched the model SH-760V-B cream cake cabinet. , suitable for cafes, mid-range stores that need to expand business products. This is the type of cabinets are popular in Asia, especially in Japan.

Technical specification of SH-760V-B cream cake display cabinet

  • Stainless steel exterior design makes cleaning easier, less sticky, low weight, easy to move and high durability.
  • Tempered glass, withstand the impact force caused by accidental creation, creating a feeling of luxury.
  • The steam balancing system for the air inside the cabinet makes the cistern soften longer.
  • The base of the granite cabinet with a variety of different colors, increase the certainty and create a sense of luxury.
  • The cabinet has four floors, just wide enough for a large bakery. The cabinet space is convenient for arranging the cake and easy for the cake in the cupboard.
  • Resistive glass heating technology ensures that glass is always light and free from moisture due to internal and external temperature differences.
  • Machine designed with high standard Japanese technology to create durability and absolute safety when used.
  • Optimized efficiency and operating costs with energy saving technology, no noise.
  • Integrated LED system suitable for cafes space cream cake, creating a sense of luxury.

Dimensions: 1800 x 740 x 1820 (mm)


220V / 50Hz
110V / 60Hz
Refrigerant: R134A

Number of shelves: 4

Temperature: + 3 ~ + 10ᵒC

Brand: Shinichi

Criteria for selection of cream cake display cabinets are appropriate and quality

On the market today, there are many types of display cabinets, cakes are classified according to size, design, function, number of floors, technology of cabinets … With the variety on, will help users have many options. choose more. And depending on the size of the business, the size of the store and the purpose of the product you will choose a product that you like.

In particular, the display cabinets cream Shinichi brand is favorite and widely used today thanks to the variety of products, modern technology … Here is a presentation of a typical product for you. Can refer to and learn more